The white paper syndrome (a short story)

07 Mar

John was a writer, a really good writer, that used to write articles for a self-help monthly journal.

But sometimes even self-help writers need some help too. His problem was known as “the white paper syndrome”. It’s very typical among writers and happens when you have to write something and you just lose your inspiration. John wasn’t able to write a single word and the white paper in front of him was making him crazy.

Besides this, his boss had been pressuring him to deliver the article as soon as possible for 2 weeks. “We need it for yesterday, John! What the hell is happening? Did you forget where the bloody keyboard is? If I don’t have your article tomorrow morning in my e-mail, you can consider yourself sacked!”.

Then, two hours before the dead-line, John began to write a letter of resignation explaining how hard the white paper syndrome is, and some tricks to solve it, like writing automatically without think about the form and putting it in order later. So, finally, that was his long-awaited article.


Otra redacción como deberes para clase de inglés, que espero no suponga un problema de comprensión y que me parecía suficientemente digna como para compartirla :)

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Publicado por en 7 marzo, 2011 en English version, Relatos


2 Respuestas a “The white paper syndrome (a short story)

  1. Ingrid

    14 marzo, 2011 at 19:36

    La hiciste tu??? molaaaa!

  2. Aida

    15 marzo, 2011 at 11:14

    Claro! jeje. Bueno, esta es ya la corregida, que originalmente tenía mas fallos :)



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